July 2015  
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Principal's Message

I am extremely proud to be the principal of SCJH.  When I first started as Principal over 11 years ago, we had 82 students in our small modular units.  Over the years we have grown and now have 264 students enrolled for the 2014-15 school year in our new beautiful building that has every classroom equipped with an electronic white board and an audio enhancement system.  All parts of our building project have now been completed.  The building project was a long time coming and we are grateful to all of those who have assisted us along the way.  

SCJH was established by a group of parents who dreamed of having a small school environment for their middle school aged students. They wanted this school to emphasize character development and academics. The school and curriculum have since grown offering electives such as Art, Music, Computers, STEM, and CAD. We are known as one of the few schools in the United States that utilizes the Strategic Instruction Model®, a research based approach to teaching students how to learn, throughout the school.

SCJH has been ranked an A school for 7 out of the last 9 years.  We continue to be a top rated school in Indian River County and received a B for the 2013-14 school year (7 points from an A).  We had the second highest rating of any middle school and had the third highest rating for any school in Indian River county including elementary and middle schools.  We are the only secondary school in Indian River County to make Annual Yearly Progress under No Child Left Behind. The Florida DOE ranked SCJH the highest ranking middle school in Indian River County in 2011 and we have been given the designation of a High Performing Charter School by the State of Florida.

I want to wish all of our students a wonderful school year here at SCJH and encourage you to participate in our after school programs, which include drama, art, yearbook, chorus,  guitars, NJHS, Lego Robotics, free math tutoring, intramural sports, and more.

Principal Dr. Martha McAdams