Lottery Policy

And Addendum

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Lottery Policy

Student applications for the upcoming school year will be accepted from any parent/guardian from any school district in the state of Florida during a Controlled Open Enrollment period that is determined by the SCJH Administration Team. All applications will be filed by grade and program level as determined by standardized test scores. Program levels are used to balance math and reading classes.

At the end of the Open Enrollment period, the number of enrollment seats available per program will be determined by the maximum class size of the program and the number of current students who recommit. Students will be granted preference for enrollment if they are children of current SCJH staff, children of current SCJH Board members, and siblings of current or former students who have completed the program. This preference is only recognized during the open enrollment period.

If, at the end of the open enrollment period, the number of applications per program exceeds the number of enrollment seats available per program, a public, random lottery will be held per program to determine which applicants are admitted. A waiting list lottery will then be held for all remaining applicants. All openings will be filled by the first student matching the program opening. Any application received after the Open enrollment period will be placed at the bottom of the waiting list.

When students are selected for enrollment, they will receive an offer of enrollment and an acceptance form to complete indicating if the are accepting or declining the enrollment seat. The acceptance form must be returned within one week (10 school days).

Applications for enrollment and dates of the upcoming enrollment period will be published on the SCJH website. SCJH program capacities are as follows;

Program 1: 26 students

Program 2: 24 students

Program 3: 22 students

Program 4: 16 students

SCJH maintains a student to teacher ratio of 22:1

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Addendum to SCJH Lottery Policy

As a public school in the School District of Indian River County (SDIRC), Sebastian Charter Junior High, Inc. (SCJH) will make provisions to comply with the federal desegregation order for the SDIRC. In addition to other activities to attract black students to SCJH, black students will be granted enrollment preferences through our lottery/controlled open enrollment policy. All other provisions of the policy shall apply to students granted preference under this addendum.

All students will participate in the lottery system as stated in the original policy.

In order to meet racial balance reflective of the SDIRC, a number of spots will be reserved for students from the waitlist (those not selected in the lottery). The racial balance number will vary from year to year and will be determined based upon data from the SDIRC provided annually. If racial balance is not met through the lottery system, the principal or designee, shall invite black students in order of their lottery waitlist placement until racial balance is met.

Once racial balance has been accomplished all students on the waitlist will be invited consistent with the established policy.

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