6th Grade Earth Science


Welcome to Earth, Earth Scientists! 

Not new to Planet Earth, you say? Well, together we are embarking on a journey to learn more about our fabulous planet than you ever knew before!  From the interior of the Earth to the outer reaches of the Milky Way galaxy...the focus of this class is to further your knowledge about Earth Science and relate it to the other branches of science such as Life and Physical Science, as well as engineering and technology. 

Major Units of Study:

Scientific Inquiry
Plate Tectonics
Changes in Rocks
Geologic Time and Energy Resources
Fresh Water and Oceans
Atmosphere, Weather, and Climate
Earth, Moon, and Sun
The Solar System and the Universe

Look under Useful Links for PowerPoint presentations, class documents and homework assignments for your review.  Also, be sure to check out the Online Resources page for links to web-related sites that will engage you and extend your learning about Earth Science concepts.

Science Explorer: Florida Earth Science cover

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