Mr. Schmidt

Hello!  This is my 6th year here at SCJH and my 44th year of teaching.  I am just as excited now as I was back in 1975 when I started my teaching career.  I am always excited to start a new year as I have the opportunity to meet new students and parents.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any question concerning my class.  

Here is a short summary about CD as found on the syllabus.
CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT-  the intentional effort to develop in young people core ethical and performance values that are widely accepted across all cultures.
The purpose of CD at SCJH is to introduce and instill in our students basic skills needed for long-term success as well as reinforce those values that support our best social interactions (ie. Justice, fairness, compassion, caring) and values that lead us to our best work (ie. Goal-setting, creativing, determination.)
Each week there will be a school-wide initiative to reinforce CD skills in all areas of the curriculum.  In the CD class, we will continue to work on organization skills via locker evaluations, self-advocacy skills (FOCUS data sheets to be signed by parents), and positive self-talk (discussions and written reactions about stories, film clips, presentations.)

In the first weeks of school we will also review the complete agenda with an emphasis on pages 5-25, The Student Handbook.  We will also organize our binders, lockers, and have an introduction to the grade specific material for CD.

The 6th Grade will be involved in a few programs this year including “Teen Safety Matters”, “Life Skills”, and “What Do You Stand For?”  There will be some crossover of skills from one program to another which will only assist in reinforcing previously taught skills.  The “Life Skills” will be presented by a guest speaker for 16 weeks while both “Teen Safety Matters” and “What Do You Stand For?” will be part of the regular, day-to-day curriculum.

The 7th Grade will be working on a book entitled, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens” by Sean Covey.  The book reinforces good habits, controlling your own destiny, communication skills and a host of other life skills needed for success.  They will also have 12 weeks of “Life Skills” presented by a guest speaker.

The 8th Grade will be introduced to a book entitled, “Life Strategies for Teens” by Jay McGraw.  This is a “tell it like it is” book about growing up and the ten laws of life.  It’s written in a very student friendly manner and really asks students the hard questions regarding their perceptions of the world.  The “Life Skills” presentations will last for five weeks. 

All classes will be involved in team-building activities as well as activities that build self-confidence and trust.